Remote Access

We Stand Committed to Serving you Throughout the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many of you have requested information on how to remote into our systems from your home or mobile. Below are our recommendations when considering remote access. Please remember that each of these has a subscription cost. We are not able to support these platforms, but we may be able to help you with set up.

Baron Recommended

SplashTop – this is by far the most popular and cost-effective solution out there. With SplashTop Access Pro for Business, you can log into up to 10 PCs and see both monitors.

  • To install SplashTop log into your account at and install the SplashTop Streamer software onto the PC you want to CONNECT to (Lynx PC) and install the SplashTop for Business onto the device you want to connect from (home PC).
  • One important note – to see both monitors, make sure you click on the Monitor icon (third from the left) and select Mult-Window. See the image below.

For best results, we recommend you have two monitors where you are accessing Lynx. If you DO have two monitors, you can use either “All Monitors (One Window)” and stretch it across to the second monitor, or you can use “All Monitors (Multi-Window)” and it will open the GUI and the Map in separate windows you can move to your liking. If you only have one monitor, you can toggle between the GUI and the Map by selecting monitor 1 or monitor 2 from the attached image, or you can use “All Monitors (One Window)” but the display may be small.

Other Options

There are other programs like GoToMyPC/ – which will do similar operations, however we are more familiar with success through SplashTop

Important – Do Not Use These Tools

VPN and VNC – VNC installs mirror video drivers. This can cause serious issues with Lynx performance.
Microsoft Remote Desktop – When a connection is made, it locks the remote computer and suspends the use of all USBs thus not allowing you to launch Lynx. It also installs a mirror video driver.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. We are only a call away at 256-704-4357.