Seattle Avionics Weather Data Products

Seattle Avionics is delivering high-quality weather information directly to its customers by integrating Baron weather data into its FlyQ EFB app through an API. The company selected the following data products for its customized solution:

Current Icing Potential: Icing during a flight can be deadly. The integration of Baron’s icing product into FlyQ EFB allows users to determine the likelihood of icing at various altitudes.

Turbulence (US): Baron’s turbulence product allows FlyQ EFB users to choose optimal routes by depicting expected turbulence and various altitudes.

Baron High-Res Model – Cumulus Cloud Tops: This product provides data on the height of the top of cumulus clouds, allowing pilots to know the ideal flying altitude and avoid potential turbulence and severe weather. Baron’s Cumulus Cloud Tops product has a 66-hour forecast length.

Baron High-Res Model – Cumulus Cloud Base: This product displays the altitude of the cloud base, critical information during takeoff or landing. Baron’s Cumulus Cloud Base product has a 66-hour forecast length.

Lightning: Baron’s lightning product makes it easy to avoid lightning by displaying color-coded levels for severe, medium and light threats.

Surface Analysis (Nationwide): This product delivers time-based Surface Analysis graphs, displaying forecasted fronts, highs, lows, and more.

High Res North American Radar: This product offers a complete radar view of the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and southern Canada.

Nationwide Future Radar: This high-resolution radar animation provides an easy to understand display of future weather along a flight path.

Standard Radar: Comprised of a complete nationwide image of radar data, this product offers a composite of precipitation across the United States, allowing users to distinguish between areas of rain, freezing mixes, and snow, and gauge the intensity of each.

Goes West Hi-Res Vis Sat: This product offers the highest resolution satellite imagery of cloud cover during daytime hours.

Goes West Hi-Res IR Sat: This product offers high-resolution infrared satellite imagery shows the full disk of the Earth. Allowing users to monitor weather conditions throughout the entire US, Alaska, Hawaii, the western Atlantic Basin and Eastern/Central Pacific Basins.